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This community has been pretty dead lately...except for a few new people saying here is a question for all of you -- what is your favorite Lenore comic? Actual little comic thing, not comic book...or comic book, either way. I know it's hard because there are so many to choose from, but do your best. I think mine would have to be the one where Lenore is all sick and gasey and Ragamuffin is like "Lenore you smell like rotting fish" and Lenore is like "Really?" and Ragamuffin says "That's bad" Lenore--"Oh..I like fish" Ragamuffin--"it's still bad" Lenore--"fishies go pook pook pook!" Ragamuffin--"come on, we've got to get you-" Lenore--"pook pook pook!" (that probably wasn't word for word as I am too lazy to look up the actual scene). Later on Ragamuffin and Lenore go to the doctor and at some point she yells "I DON'T WANT TO GET NAKED WITH THE BEARS AND STOP TRYING TO STICK THAT IN ME!!" I think that's from #8. But your favorites...
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